Tuesday, April 17, 2012

By leaps and bounds

Yep, that's how much we're growing. We had a whopping 21 people at our meeting last night, including 2 new readers and 2 new writers.

We started out by reading part 4 of my full-length comedy mystery, The Butler Did It! (No, we don't know who did it yet.)

Next we read Going Feral, a short wacky comedy based on a "hard-core" animal lover that Tim Phillips knew.

After that we read two hilarious scenes from Will Triangle, a detective spoof by Jeff Schmoyer, who has been one of our most insightful commenters over the last few months. I was glad to see him take the plunge into the playwriting waters.

We finished up with the first part of an ambitious adaptation of Paradise Lost by Jeff Keele, who has done a considerable amount of work with THEATREdART. One of our new readers, Buck Buchanan, got rave reviews for his sonorous reading of the part of Lucifer.

By the way, the interesting thing about having so many people is it makes my earlier poll question a moot point. If we I'd asked everyone whether they'd prefer to move the meeting date when we need to so that we could always get the stage, or keep the meetings on the second Monday and use the back room when we have to.

Well, if we keep getting 20+ people to our meetings--and I hope we do!--there's no way we can make the back room work. So if you guys can stay flexible, I promise I'll send out notice of any meeting changes as soon as I know.

Anyway, I've already confirmed with Jim Jackson that the stage is available at our normal meeting time next month, so let's plan to get together on Monday, May 14. Same MAT time. Same MAT channel.

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