Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A cast of thousands (or at least eight)

We had a great meeting last night with a record number of attendees: fourteen. And man, did we need them! Both plays that we read had big casts and we really worked the actors.

We started the evening with a reading of Tim Phillip's one-act play, "Servants of Death," an innovative play in which figures from various mythologies including Baba Yaga and the Roman god Mars tempt a pair of modern teenage girls.

We finished up with the first 20 pages of my full-length comedy, "The Butler Did It!" This play centers around a very proper English butler who must solve a murder after being falsely accused -- and tied by his accusers to a hardback chair.

The hard-working actors availed themselves well, with lots of lively interaction and laughs all around. I especially appreciate the contribution made by our three new actors who were drafted at the last minute.

Great job, all!