Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Onward and upward

Our cozy little group isn't so little anymore. And I couldn't be happier.

We read a record number of pieces last night: four. They ranged from Barbara Summerville's short, dark piece about two women stuck in a very literal Limbo to Tim Phillips' rewrite of his fairy tale adaptation, "Rose Red and Snow White". We were graced with the presence of our youngest writer yet, an extremely talented 16-year-old named Sean Patrzik, who was seeking some advice about turning his gritty war story, "WWII in Real Time" into a play. And we wound up with the second installment of my full-length mystery-comedy "The Butler Did It!"

We also had lots of new people show up, for a total attendance of fourteen people. Due to a teen improv class that was taking place in the theatre, we were moved in the the back room so I want to thank everyone for going with the flow and making the best of it. It was a little crowded, but that just made it cozier.

Oh, and Mary brought some delicious homemade cookies. Thanks, Mary!

I'll keep bringing cookies each month, but if you've got something you'd like to add, go for it! You can never have too many desserts.

See you all at our next reading on Monday, March 12.