Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where are the guys?

It was a long meeting last night--almost three hours--but you wouldn't have known it from the energy and enthusiasm that was evident as we wrapped up our meeting. Okay, maybe people couldn't wait to get home, but I like to think everyone was still riding high on the excellent writing.

Seriously, all of the veteran writers have really stepped it up lately. And I know everyone was impressed with the two short plays that our newest writer Sue Bachman brought.

The only problem? Not enough guy actors! Buck Buchanan was the only one there, and with most of our plays requiring 2 or 3 males, we had to pull in some reluctant writers to read, including Phil Ginsburg, Jeff Schmoyer and myself.

So while we're open to all actors regardless of age, gender, experience level, etc., I'd really like to encourage any male actors out there to join our merry band. I can guarantee you'll get lots of opportunities to perform.

We started the night with a few scenes from Phil Ginsburg's full-length Women of the Book. The monologues by Rahab, Mary Magdalene and two other women from the Bible were well-drawn.

Next up were the latest pages from Tim Phillips' girl band drama The Decibelles. It was fun to get our first look at the girls' teenage selves.

After that we read the first of two short plays by Sue Bachman, Window of the Soul. This one was about an optometrist who's approached by a mysterious patient. The twist ending was quite clever and I'm sure it surprised everyone.

Next up came the end of David Overbey's internet drama 00:00. This play covers a lot of ground in its tale of a digital media professor who gets involved with a prostitute, especially in its discussion of the internet and how it has permanently changed the nature of relationships. I encouraged him to expand this 40-minute piece into a full-length play.

That was followed by the first part of my new full-length comedy, Butterfly Effect. The feedback was very useful in helping me delineate the personalities of the uptight protagonist and the boorish co-worker who threatens to ruin his meticulously planned cocktail party.

We finished up with Sue's second play, Fasten Your Seatbelts, a heartwarming comedy about an old married Jewish couple on a place who believe they're going to crash.

And I'd like to give a big welcome to our newest actors, Hannah Rockey and Tracy Hunziker.

More on the move. Jim Jackson told me that the MAT will be out of the Pecan Street building on June 1. That means our June 10 meeting will be our first at the new location in the former Ivywild Community Church, 1626 S. Tejon St. Jim cautioned that there will be quite a bit of construction for a while so we may need to get creative with our readings for the first couple months.

The good news is that the new venue is right across from the street from Bristol Brewing. So you know what that means.

That's right. A monthly post-meeting meeting to drink beer and talk theatre.

I can't wait.