Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Small but enthusiastic second meeting

Six people took part in our second meeting last night. We read three pieces:

1) a very short, creepy play titled "9-1-1 Threshold" as well as one other piece by Janice Black

2) "Boys Counting Down", a hilarious 20-minute play about three pregnant men by Joye Cook-Levy

3) and a 10-minute play about an 80-year-old shoplifter titled "The Wanderer" by myself.

Although we had fewer people this time, the intimate setting allowed for a much more free-wheeling and insigthful discussion of the works. And our two new actors Karann Goettsch and Nancy Holaday did a great job bringing the many different characters to life.

Our third meeting is from 7pm to 9pm on Monday, November 14 at the Millibo Art Theatre, 1367 Pecan St. Invite your friends, family or anyone else you can think of who would enjoy seeing a new play being born.