Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Double trouble

As I said in my newsletter this month, the Drama Lab doesn't go on vacation in the summer. But some of our members do! Last night, we had just two scripts, although we had a respectable turnout with 12 people attending. The good part? We got out by 8:15pm.

We opened with two more scenes from Tim Phillips' romance drama, The Many Men of Tara. Here one of the men told Tara he wanted a committed relationship with her, forcing Tara to lay out her own desire to stay free and unfettered. The audience agreed that all of the characters were very likable. There was some discussion about the best use of Amadeus, a dog which made an appearance in these scenes, but everyone liked how he helped reveal the characters' personalities.

After that, we read a couple of scenes from my full-length comedy Wicked Is As Wicked Does., in which the four "wicked" characters from the fairy tales team up to block Snow White's wedding to Prince Intolerable. One scene was at Little Red's wedding planner office and the other was outside the lair of the dragon Grimstad. People thought the play was a lot of fun. I was concerned that one of the spells would seem contrived, but the consensus was that with magic, you can get away with a lot.

We meet again on Monday, August 8, hopefully with more writers and more scripts! See you all then!

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