Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy birthday to us!

We had a small but cozy meeting last night, with nine attendees including one newbie (our newest writer, Katherine Gee Perrone). We started with a fun 10-minute play by Tim Phillips titled Esau and Jacob. Next up was part 3 1/2 of my full-length farce, Kill the Critic! We finished with part 1 of an intriguing family dramedy by Katherine very tentatively titled The Mormon Mom Play.
Jim Jackson also popped in to remind everyone of the playwriting contest for their upcoming FourPlay show. The theme will be announced at 7pm on Friday. Stop by the MAT or check their website at that time to find out what it is. Writers will have 44 hours to complete their play. If you think you want to participate, call 465-6321 before Friday to let him know you'll be writing.
Also I made one last pitch for my staged reading of The Butler Did It! this Saturday. Visit to reserve your free (yes, free!) tix. And thanks to everyone who brought costumes. You guys are going to look great!
Our next meeting is Monday, October 8. If you haven't paid your dues (dirt cheap at $25), you'll need to do so by Oct 31. Thanks!
And yes, as of September 12, the Drama Lab is one year old. We celebrated in our usual way, with cookies instead of cake. Here's to many more years--and cookies!

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